As the coordinator of an event, dealing with trying to videotape the performance is something that you should not have to worry about. If you or your organization is preparing for an event, you need Signature Video. We have the equipment, digital editing software, and skills to handle the job for you from start to finish. Your special event will be recorded using broadcast quality, 3-chip cameras; edited with music, special titles, and creative effects; and be available in either VHS or DVD format.


The benefits of having a professional film your event are countless...


Booking us for your event couldn't be easier...

We want to ensure that our services are hassle-free to you and your staff. We make the process easy and enjoyable. Planning for the videography of your event is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Call us to discuss the details of your upcoming event and reserve our services. If needed, we can arrange to attend rehearsals and scout out the event location.

2. Our team will arrive at your event with state-of-the-art video production equipment as well as flyers with ordering information that can be passed out to arriving guests.

3. The order processing begins within seven days after the event, giving family ample time to place orders with the event director, school office, or Signature Video.

It is truly that simple-and it's affordable! Contact us today for more information.


Highlight Videos & Audition Tapes...

Signature Video is also available to create highlight videos and audition tapes for your child. If they are interested in getting into a college, onto a sports team, into a dance academy or other special opportunity, an audition tape is an excellent way to showcase their talents and introduce themselves in a unique way.

Simply call us and arrange for a time to come in and discuss the video you are dreaming of!


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